Privacy Policy

Created May 2018

New EU privacy regulations come into force on 25 May 2018 which give you enhanced rights regarding what, where and how personal data is stored. Safe Harbour Productions (hereafter SHP) would like you to be aware of the following:

What Data is Held and how will it be used?

The only personal data collected held by SHP is :

1. The information you give as part of your initial enquiry, either online, by telephone or by any other means.

2. If you engage SHP to video your event then SHP will require enough relevant information to be given in order to carry out the task in hand. We do not ask for any enhanced personal data.

SHP will not use any data to form marketing or any other type of database. SHP will not use the data to contact you other than in direct relation to any contract entered into for the period of that contract. SHP will not pass on any data to third parties.

How long is the data kept?

All data from initial requests for information will be removed from the system after 5 days following the request having been responded to. It will therefore be up to the individual to contact SHP again if they wish to engage us or seek further information.

If you wish to enter into a contract then your details and any relevant information needed to complete the contract will be held until completion of the contract. After that time only data that may be required as part of HMRC regulations will be held for a period of 7 years. As above, it will be up to individuals to recontact SHP if they require any further information

Can you review your data?

Yes, you can ask to review any data held about you at any time.

Storage and use of video media

All video media recorded on the day of the event will be held intact for a period of 4 weeks following the approval of the final edit. After this time all original footage will be deleted. A copy of final edit will be held intact and stored on the premises. You have the right to ask that no copies are stored. You will be given the opportunity to consent or otherwise to the use of the final edit on SHP website or social media site as a factual demonstration of current work.