Goodbye 2020 - Here's to 2021 and Beyond

As I sit here writing this entry it's almost exactly a year to the day since Scarlet and Natalie's wedding, the last 'full size' wedding I filmed. Since then it's been stop start for months on end, not just for me but for the entire wedding industry and the many couples who were looking forward to their big day. I've only filmed 4 weddings since March 2020 and this short video just about sums it all up, taped off pews in church with only 10 guests allowed, a bride and groom and all their guests (all 20 of them) in face masks. Amy and Louise's wedding at the Inn on the Lake, although still under restrictions, was as close as anything came to normality and then finally the smallest wedding of the year at The Gilpin Lake House.  

For me it's been a year of learning to relax and just to take things as they come. We knocked a big chunk out of our Wainwright list - walking Wainwrights 214 favorite mountains in the Lake District and I eventually got around to getting a kayak, something I've promised myself for years but never done anything about. 

Already the chances of the wedding season starting properly much before the end of June 2021 are are about as good as it gets for this year, but I'm ready to go when it happens. It's going to be a crazy couple of years to come.

Goodbye 2020 - Here's to 2021 and Beyond play