Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What time do you arrive on the day?

For a civil wedding I aim to get to the venue at least an hour and a half before the ceremony. If it’s a church wedding I need another hour on top of that for set up shots at church and the guests and bridal party arriving.

What time do you stay until?

Until the first dance plus the following 2 or 3 dances.

Do we receive the ceremony and speeches in full?

Yes, except for church weddings when I edit down the hymns.

Do you use drones?

I'm happy to take drone footage of the venue and surroundings (either on the day or close to) but not during the event itself due to time contraints.

How do we get our final video?

Final edit should be with you around 4 weeks after the day depending on the season and it comes  on a USB in a presentation box. The final edit is around 40 minutes long plus speeches with a ‘highlights’ sequence of around 6 - 7 minutes long.

Do we need to meet before the day?

I’m always happy to meet up if you’d like to but most of the time I just have a  phone call to check details etc for the day

Do you travel outside of the Lake District?

Yes, always happy to travel though there might be an added cost depending on distance.

Do you require a meal?

No, but it’s always nice to be asked.

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